Am I being rude?

I always want to be around my man. Not in a naggy or clingy way, I just enjoy his presence, and why should I? He every thing I ever wanted in a companion. I'm currently visiting him with his family and we'll his female cousin has taken a liking to me. she's sweet. But I'm not the most sociable person. I don't r3ally like being around females and I'm not necessarily saying I want to be under him 24/7 but I'd rather not be sociable as I always am. Since I've been here she (his female cousin) has invited me to go places and do things.. and I have been respectfully declining. This morning me and my man went for drive and he told me it's bc she likes me that she invites me to do things. He then said "you don't always have to be with me, it's cool to go hang with her" etc. Am I wrong for feeling the way I do? Am I being anti social? Suggestions? Advice?


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  • Yes Its rude, she's family go out and do things with her. I hope you dont mind if your man has a brother and wants to hangout wih your man and do guy things alone? Like sports and watch football games alone guy time alone

    • He's been drinking and doing stuff with the guys, meanwhile the I'm on the house in the room chilling.

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  • Wrong for feeling that way? No, i totally feel that way.
    But, you should give her some time. Be a part of his family anf stuff, given that you probably plan to be a part of it some day


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  • From personal experience, when a man says "you don't always have to be with me" it probably means he actual is finding you to be too naggy or clingy, even if you don't think you are.

    As for if you are being rude, up until now I do believe so. If you really like this guy you should at least make an effort with his family. You don't have to like them, but at least you should be able to say you tried.

  • Yes.


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