Not having a girlfriend by 25?

Not having a girlfriend by 25

Or no dating experience period is this the worlds way of telling you your not a suitable partner for someone. Or that you should never marry or have children

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  • Welcome to my world dude, I try am confident humor girls but still they just aren't interested and play all these games I then see my friends who treat girls like garbage banging them left and right and having the girl kissing their feet and it just boggles my mind, I hear that height doesn't matter or your money doesn't or your looks but then I see a whole different story when I'm in the college classroom or when I'm at the club or even in a social club and am pushed aside or treated like a piece of 💩, it just boggles my mind dude, welcome to the club. Pretty soon I'm gonna be 30 and then 40 too, it's not easy being short and having acne along with not being the richest man especially when you still get people saying to have better hygiene or girls saying it's because you don't take care of yourself yet I've tried every acne product done every stupid treatment and have tried for YEARS, and still have problems, that's all I wanna say. Good luck to you man.

    • dude I got called repulsive and that I would never get a girlfriend

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    • You never know, but good luck to you, like I said I'm done, just focusing on myself for now and doing things that make me happy.

    • I wish I could have that same mindset

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