Should I do what he said? Or just move on?

I never had a boyfriend and I always liked my guy friend. We're both kinda fat and well... I confessed to him. And what he told me got me all confused. He said something on the lines of "I like being with you but I'm not sexually attracted to you." And before I tried to walk away and cry to myself, he stopped me and said "But I promise to be your boyfriend if you lose weight with me and we train together." So what should I do? I told him I would think about it.

  • Try to do what he said.
  • Just move on.
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  • Go for it, but don't get your hopes up about him. It's much easier to do things like that with someone else. Couples motivate each other because it's not just about yourself any more. You are supporting the other person. You know you'll let them down if you fail, so you don't want to fail. It's a good strategy whether it's about losing weight, quitting smoking, or pretty much anything that takes self discipline.

    I fully understand the implied insult. But he was only speaking truth, a truth that you probably already know. It hurts, especially if you really like the guy. But turn it to something good, for yourself and for him.

  • Hey it won't hurt to improve yourself. Maybe he will become attracted to you over time.


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