If YOU've ever been in an On n Off again relationship, what kept you coming back all the time? Anything different that made it harder to end for good?


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  • 1. Yep I've had one hell of a relationship that way and I'm unsure if it's ended even now
    2. She is fairly like a child right out of a romantic novel and lives her life that way
    3. Flip side is a grown up child can inflict much more damage than a real child can cause the world perceives a child and a grown up in a different manner
    4. Kept coming back cause I understand how she thinks and feels
    5. Anyone else and I'd be history at the first instance of the type of things she does, for example
    5.1. I have my share of attention from men and women
    5.2. She doesn't have a problem with a few of her gay (male) friends being attracted to me, she even discusses it with me
    5.3. Problem always has been inspite of my persistent advise against introducing me to her friends, she loves showing off and exactly doing what I tell her not to
    5.4. Most of her friends wind up being attracted and once she knows that the moment I even normally talk or wish them, she makes my life miserable (is an understatement) by accusing me of flirting etc


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  • Relationship no, but a "fling" I guess you could call it. We kept coming back to each other because we were just comfortable in each other's company. We were just used to being together because we had known each other for so long, even though ultimately, we weren't good to each other. I also had some feelings for him, which made me want to work things out. I think he's a bit of a narcissist and wants to keep people on his hook as an ego boost, which is why he'd come back to me.
    I had enough in the end of last year/beginning of this year, though. I realized that he was just draining the life out of me and that it truly never will work. But to this day he insists that it'll work sometime in the future and that he'll contact me later "when he's happy again". If that happens and he reaches out to me again, I'll block him.


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  • The sex tbh, and just missing having fun together


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  • The intense sexual attraction was the main thing that made us come back to each other over and over again. We just craved each other so bad. I know, we could've just been friends with benefits but everytime we fucked we also spent quality time together cuddling etc which always made all the feelings come back. Other than sexually we weren't really compatible, we fought a lot over silly things and had different views on a lot of things. One day I woke up snd realized that what we have is messy and as much as I don't want to I do need to end it for good and so that's exactly what I did, cut him out of my life. Put my focus on other guys to forget about him. I know it was for the best in the end.

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