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Why do guys lose interest in me so many times?

I have never had a relationship only those 'thing' situations.
I have a relatively good personality, maybe a little on the 'sweet/good girl' side but I am always open to change en develop myself. I always try to be kind, am not superficial and have my own things in life (friends/interests etc). I tend to be 'claiming' als they say but I am only like that when I know the other person likes me as well.

There is this guy that I have gone on a couple of dates with. I told him I liked him, because I do. I am not yet in love or anything but I am beginning to develop feelings. He is a really good guy. When I told him, he freaked out. He started to ignore me he stopped listening to me. I understand that I may have gone too fast but I have waited too much time with people who in the end wouldn't want to be in a relationship with me.
I want someone to 'adore' me as much as I adore some people. Is that too much?
This situation as happened before. Many times and I just don't understand how I can keep the attention of someone. Please help me 😞
Why do guys lose interest in me so many times?
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