Would you date this girl?

Just wondering.. Because I've never had a boyfriend before and I'm almost 20 :( and a girl in my uni class said no guy would ever want me cuz I'm into video games and ufc and that's tomboyish and how I'm stupid and stuff

Going to be honest with myself and let u decide whether you'd date me
I don't act like a Tomboy, I have long hair, wear skinny jeans/dresses, 165cm, 52kg fat but trying to get to 47kg (working on it!)
I train regularly, practise boxing and MMA, like video games
I study law but am NOT book smart, it's like credits all the time, not intelligent but street smart
I play piano and keyboard in a rock band
I'm not quiet and cute :/ not that I'm in your face but I have a good sense of humour, and can keep a conversation going, friendly
butttttt I don't know why I've never had a boyfriend before
pls let me know what I can work on


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  • From the description we have some points in common, i'd certainly be interested in more. I love games myself so gamers are always a plus. Don't let anyone ever tell you its tomboyish or that tomboy aspects are a bad thing, its called having things on common ;).


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  • Don't listen to that vicious girl, you sound like a wonderful person! :) I'm also into UFC, training kick-boxing right now so I can relate that it's not everyone's cup of tea. BUT there are plenty of men who don't mind that at all, and also those who love it, for example those men who train martial arts themselves. Gaming sounds like a lot of fun, too. I'm sure lots of guys would like that in a girl. By the way, 52kg sounds perfect on your height, I fear that it'd be a bit too much to drop to 47kg. Do some research and you'll find out that kilos aren't the most defining factor on how good you look. When you lose fat tissue and gain muscle mass you can have the same weight or a few kilos more but look much better and leaner. So, there's that. And don't ever say you don't look cute. If you don't believe in yourself, how can you expect others to believe in you. Change your perspective and you'll change your life. Good luck! :)

    • Aww thanks for the encouragement! Makes me feel a whole lot better
      God bless! :)

    • You're welcome, sweety :)

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  • I would date you and we would have a blast and fun. 😎 Maybe the guys in your area are very picky. I think you will get a boyfriend eventually. It will happen when you at least suspect it.

  • Your description was good
    I would definitely date you
    So the thing is don't try to change yourself just be what you're cause the guy who'll be with you will love the real you

  • Will you go out with me? lol


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