Would you ever settle for a person with a lifestyle that is completely opposite of yours? Description beneath -- ?

Would you date someone you met twice. REALLY attractive however they smoke blunts 2 times a day and cigarettes. Wore the same outfit while meeting you. Drinks beer and gets high while wanting to drive you around. They go to school and study psychology. They grow weed and sale it as their living. Want to start a shirt business. They had a bad past and got arrested so their record isn't that good but they're trying to change their life around. They state they have low self esteem and anxiety so thats why they smoke. They are courteous so they purchase food for you and cook for you. They get stopped by the police often and blames that they are bullying them. You even get stopped while in the car with them. They bring you to their home second time meeting them but doesn't try anything sexual with you. They want to be a book writer and psychologist for kids later in life. They say they're busy a lot and won't talk to you for 3-7 days sometimes because of their work. They have two phones and one is disposable for their kind of work. Would you ever see a future with them? Would you overlook the other stuff and try it out with them? Or after meeting them will you avoid them at all cost? Just curious on how people will see this. :p

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  • I'd be friends, fuck them, and try to give them advice if they were open to advice.

    That could continue for a long time, but we could never go beyond that unless they cleaned up their life.

    • You're basically investing in them though so why not go through with it fully? Might as well be with them

    • Investing emotionally, yes.

      Becoming reliant on them? No.

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  • Look. You can date such a guy, just don't come back here and fill the forum with questions like "I thought I have a future with him and now my life is ruined! What do I do?"

  • Jesus Christ girl are you even using your head? Avoid this person.. seriously..

  • Nope, im not about the party life so if a girl is im out.


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