Okay I fucked up and I'm in a bad situation, what do I do?

Okay, so there is this girl in my class and she is cool but she has a boyfriend. I have a girlfriend keep in mind. So she says at the beginning of class that she has to tell me something. So at the end of class I go and ask her, she tells me she had a dream of us like having sex or something weird, then she asked for my snapchat. We started to snapchT after school and she told me she had a boyfriend and I knew that bc I'm good friends with her boyfriend. I told I had a girlfriend and it was all cool we just started talking as friends. Well then later in the night over snapchat she started to come on to me and I fell in and I kinda sent her a dick pic and she sent me a nude. I told her we shouldn't do this until we are single and she said let's just delete each other off snaochat. It was all good but then she DM's me on Instagram saying that she feels guilty and she needs to tell her boyfriend. So she did and now her boyfriend (my good friend) hates me. So 1. I really want him back as a friend and 2. I don't want my girlfriend to find out. They both said they won't tell anyone to happen, and they are still together but I feel like shit and I want my friend back. HELP ME!


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  • I'm sorry to say but you are far more likely to regain his trust at this dire point.

    If you're really eager, there are still ways.

    First, apologize in person. The downside is that you are far more likely to be forgiven. Second, you can help him if he is in trouble. You are his friend so help him if no one does. It's not like he would owe you his forgiveness but he would still see the goodness in you and possibly regain his trust. Third, speak to him in private just to make him hear your other part of the story but expect hostility from him. It would not be easy.

    Ask yourself. What do you still want from him? Was he really a good friend because he understands you more than others do? You betrayed him-- both his girl and you. Yet they're still together? (What's with your friend, really?)

    You say you're good friends but aren't good friends supposed to support each other and should not betray each other no matter what?

    I think he hates you because you did something that he should be doing to his girl and not done by others.

    In another perspective, I think the girl here has contributed to this problem too. She would've ignored your dick pic and moved on-- but she entertained you. That's cheating! What did this girl see in you to which she responded in the form of a nude?

  • Guess what? You cheated. She cheated. Your friend isn't going to be friends with a guy who thinks it's fine to send his dick to his girl. Your girlfriend deserves to know what you did so unless you want her finding out by other means then you should tell her and accept whatever happens.


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  • Well do you expect a bright shiny rainbow here dude !! In reality your fuked. You betrayed the brother code and cheated on your future X. Congrats dude