Guys I need your oppinions to my current dating situation?

Hi guys,

Around 3 months ago i met a guy online. we got along well from the start, texted almost every day&we actually planned to meet one months ago already. but i cancelled cuz i had a sudden appointment coming in this day.
In the mean time he contacted record studios for rockstar photoshoot coming up.. so i dont really know if he got outta his way to help me because he's just being nice or because he's genuiely interested.

anyway the date was last Tuesday now. It was great, we went for a music gig&had some amazing conversation afterwards. He asked me lots about myself and also told me about himself. At some questions he said "damn thats a great question, really got me thinking" and he also was impressed by the location for a drink that i chose.. He looked into my eyes the whole time i was talking and touched me playfully sometimes..
Well he didn't get really physical in terms or shoving his tongue down my throat (which i guess is a good sign) but when he walked me to train station, he put his arm around me and softly kissed me goodbye.
The next day we went for a coffee and though he had loads to do this day he made the time to see me...

But here's the thing:
I actually live in Germany&he in London but i'm in London 2 times a month. Well he still things i live in London cuz i couldnt tell him the truth yet. Im scared whats gonna happen when he knows the truth.
So what is your oppinion after you read this messages&how should i come clean the best way?
How could i test him to see his true intentions and level of interest quicker?


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  • He sounds like a good guy, i think you should just be honest with him and you could also invite him to visit you in Germany. See what he says, if he is interested in you, which it sounds like, he will come visit.

    • thanks... but what if i'm only kinda the side chick? i mean how can i find out what he's all about cuz I've had so many assholes in the past who would lie and fake their imterested just to get sex (which they didn't get from me of course..) So im kinda afraid that i'll just be lied to again...

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    • And what if he actually doesn't text anything about himself or about his day or so anymore? i mean thats a not so great sign... and i still don't exactly know how to casually tell him the truth about my lie when i'll be in London next week...

    • I think you pull the band-aid and just tell him and see how he reacts. The key is to do it face-to-face so you can see his reaction.

  • yes you should come clean with him. he seems kind and honest and respectful, you should give him the same curtsy

    • thanks and how could I find out the best way what he's all about, if i couls just be a side chick? cuz well he doesn't really text me much... he was never so into texting but i feel that sth might be off...

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    • oh well the point is good but since we're only dating i can't just come up with this kinda question.. also he's got a career in London, has the dream to get an own record studio... AND he doesn't really text much better to say doesn't tect several days in a row... until i text -.-

    • regarding on how you can tell his true intention or interest quicker is going to be a hard one to find out. at this time i do not think he is looking to settle down ans start a family at this point in his life. not untill he gets to where he wants to be and able to relax a little bit. if you push him to hard and to fast ll it will do is push him away. if you really want to be with him try to find a way to be supportive and understanding to what he is trying to do, then see if there is anything you can do to help. example is there someway you can help make contacts in Germany to help find clients for him.

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