Girls, Dating site question?

On sites such as pof or okc, what type of guys do you normally respond to or approach, what makes you ignore guys?


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  • I typically respond to guys that took the time to write something about themselves in their profile & that have that they are actually looking for a relationship on their profile. A lot of guys I've come across on these dating sites are just looking for hookups & some of the girls are too, so if you want a relationship or even a friendship to come of this then look for ladies that have these things in their profile. If someone takes the time to actually write a brief summary about themselves then you can assume that they are genuinely looking for a companion. I'll ignore the guy that doesn't have anything to say & is obviously just looking for quick fuck. Some females ignore unattractive guys, I think this is vain but there does have to be some type of attraction for a relationship to work.


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