Girls, Is she trying to make me jealous?

So I ran into one of my friends, who is female, while I was at the local swimming pool. She was excited to see me and suggested I take a break from swimming and join her in running some laps around the area. I really didn't want and I said no, but she insisted so I gave in. We are not close, and we met last year in class and I don't really like her very much (she is annoying) but she has always been extremely happy to see me and pretty flirty around me (. e. g. pokes me, flicks me, calls me nicknames, teases me). She's said numerous times she wants to "get drunk with me" but I've always dodged an answer because I don't really like her. Not sure if she is that way with others. I'm completely straight and she knows that so the question of gay does not come up. So anyway she asks me today that she is into a guy I know, and asks me about him. She told me she met him at a party and asked one of our mutual friends (who has a girlfriend) to set them up. I felt really awkward because I don't know what I was supposed to say, so I was honest and I told her I don't think he's attractive at all and I'm surprised she was into him. I asked her why she thought he was attractive because he is not facially attractive nor does he have a good body. She said she found him facially attractive and liked his personality, and she had his number. So I told her she should go for him if she liked him. I feel I kind of screwed up because I gave the impression that I didn't like that she was pursuing him by giving my honest but critical opinion. Was she trying to gauge whether I would get jealous or something and if I was into her? I've never shown any interest in her..


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  • Maybe she just wanted your opinion
    Girls often play like that with others, and if she doesn't get too intimate, there's no need to worry


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