Should I, or should I not?

So, i was very fond of this one girl i met in my courses in college, but I never really got close to her due to my social anxiety. We would have conversations before, during, or after class. The last class i had with her, she sat next to me since she didn't know anyone else. She is very kind and sweet, but i dont know if I should even bother asking her out to lunch or dinner. I'm fairly positive I'm going to have another class with her this summer semester, and she and i share common interests. I'm just kinda worried she will be dumbfounded if i do ask her to lunch or for her number. I noticed that she would look at me during 2 different courses in 2 different semesters, but i dont know if it was due to my hair being in my face or because I looked odd. Either way what do you think? Should i go for it, or just not? by the way, she is a published author with 2 books. Whereas I'm just a nobody with no real talent, just higher than average intelligence.


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  • YES, you should! But don't ask her out right away. Start by establishing a connection by talking about common interests, getting to know her better. After a while ask her out casually, but be sure to give a specific suggestion about what to do (or where) and when. And don't worry, let her be the judge of whether you are good enough for her ;) Good luck!


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