Am I the problem?

I've talked to a couple guys in the last 6 months ( not at the same time). we would talk for a few days and then hangout. after hanging out the guys always pull back. some I hooked up with the first time, others I didn't. I just don't understand what could possibly happen between getting my number and then hanging with me that would change things so drastically.


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  • A lot of guys just want the poon from you


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  • Something about this age range, we tend to get a lot of frogs before the prince lol. Trust me, I totally get where ur coming from bc I've been there. A part of me wonders if guys just want to hook up but don't want to just be upfront and say so. Regardless, I don't think you're the problem, you're just going through the motions. Hang in there, the right guy will come along :)

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