What to do should I move on?

So I have liked this guy for about almost 2 years now. We have only gone out to eat with a group of friends and this whole time he always made sure to be near me and make conversation. Anyways other than that we dont really talk. Well he added me on snapchat and at first he would always message me and still does every other time. when we see each other at other places he will always talk he will touch my shoulder look me straigjt in the eyes etc. My friends say he Iikes me. But one time he confessed he wasn't ready for a relationship at the moment he told me this because a girl was supposedly interested in him. So I am afraid to make a move. And the thing is that I have recently made new friends and a guy he is nice too. He messages me and says let all hang out. We have all gone out to eat n to the movies gone to events. He is nice and always makes an effort to be nice. So what do I do should I move on? I appreciate your responses.


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  • When did guy 1 tell you that he wasn't ready for a relationship? How much do you like guy 1? Is guy 1 still with the other girl/was he ever? What do you like about guy 1? Can you see yourself in a long term relationship with guy 1, if he likes you?

    What is guy 2 like? He seems nice. Does guy 2 ever try to hang out with you alone? Do you like his looks/personality as much as guy 1? Would you see yourself in a relationship with guy 2?

    If guy 1 wanted you, he'd have you by now. He could be shy or inexperienced/ not confident? Ask him if he'd be into dating anyone lately. Then say..."How about me?"

    How long have you known guy 2? He might actually like you more. Focus on him. Say "You are a pretty cool guy." Then ask him, "Hey, so do you like me as a person/What do you think of me?"

    Make pros and cons of both guys... pick your prince ;)

    • I really like guy 1. He is sweet and listens pays attention to everything I say he is chill relaxed person. He is so odd I mean he likes different things. He is smart its just that I guess he doesn't have many responsibilities so he is always like relaxed. No he never dated that girl he told me he wasn't interested in her at all. But I never understood why he even told me about her. Now Guy #2 I met him a few months ago. He likes to travel all the time explore be out and about. When we met him me and my friend he invites us out to eat both. and the. after we was like we should hang out again. Then we ended up all going to the movies and stuff like that we always have other friends with us. Its just that huy #1 is sweet and pay attention to everything and guy #2 he hasn't made a move at all but he is more blunt whe. he says things. the thing is that guy #2 has actually made effort for us all to hang out but guy #1 claimed he wanted to make plans but he never did.

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    • well guy #1 is 4 years older than me. And this year he started working on a real stable job. Before he did other jobs. He didn't really drive until recently he has a car.
      Now guy #2 he is the same age as me he has a stable job and a he has a car. Hoes to school.

    • Well... great! Either way... guy 2 still seems more experienced in most things because he is older. You decide! Hope I helped!

  • He's not interested. He knows you like him and hasn't made a move or talked about it with you. Also the "not ready for a relationship" is a classic excuse. They're all ready if they find the right girl.

    • well when he told me he wasn't ready for a relationship he mentioned it because another girl was trying to talk to him he told me he wasn't interested in her.

    • He was giving you an excuse. He's not interested.

    • What are your thoughts on the other guy lol?