Been talking to someone online who lives 4 hrs away. Any LDR advice when meeting?

We are both 30. Normally I dont trust very easily and move pretty slow ( like on line talking then meet then give number and then fb) and like 1-2 months wait to have sex.

But with this guy I felt and instant crazy connection. .. if I had to check off my wish list for a perfect partner he seems like he's that one. We've chatted 2 weeks I gave him my fb and number and we text a lot everyday!

He has made it clear he's to old for hook ups or flings and is looking for some hing serious.

Which I'm on the same boat.

But he's traveling 260 miles to see me for 1 day. And staying at a hotel.

I don't know what we should do when he's here... I'm also curious since it's a different kind or start then an old fashioned one where we see eachother often and things slowly build. I'm wondering how we should be sexually?


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  • oh so y'all have not met yet? Be careful is the first thing. Please meet him in public first bc it is crazy out there when meeting for the first time off the internet. Now, its good that you are feeling him a lot and see more with him, but make sure he practices what he has preached before you give up your hot pocket (sex). Why? bc you want to make sure his intentions is more than just sex regardkless of what he has told you bc words are just words until its manifested. I like that you are already making them wait for months which really gives you time to evaluate much better. With this guy, wait that long or less since your feeling he is the way but definitely do not have relations with him this first time he comes down. See how he is in person. is he too sexual too quick? Does he asks questions about you when you are together? Does he has good conversation and of course, is the chemistry there in person? Time will tell all. patience is key as well. If you really feel he is the one, you want to make sure that you do this right. Not much quality out there. So make wise decisions and hold on to your standards.


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  • Its not LDR

    • Yes it is considered LDR if after meeting we continue to want to se eachother

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    • Ot doesn't matter the distance. ... any person who doesn't live in your city is long distance... duh

    • Its for you Not for 4 hours is Not a long distance. If that is long distance then a girls who Live my a 5 Minute is a long distance for me. ... leave it and do what ever you want have fun with a short Relation ship

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