Long story short, my boyfriend of 2 years, moved out of my place 2 weeks ago (we were fighting daily, and most of the fights were my fault). Last Monday we had a huge fight, and he said "I need to be left alone". We haven't talked for a week... then on Saturday he lets me know he is leaving the city for 2 weeks for work. He continues to not call, not text, 0 contact. Just that Saturday text! Whats the rationale here?


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  • He has had enough and after 2 years he knows you well and knows what his limits are, probably going to start over in the city

    • LOL, I have seen his email and that he has a construction job confirmed in that city... so certainly isn't starting over. Especially when he left his tv, computer, clothes etc at my place :P

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    • We have been fighting non-stop for about the past year, over little things (maybe I was nit-picking too much), this last fight was over me asking him to move back in, and him not knowing what to do, and no plan... then he told me straight out "none of your business" when i asked about what his friends thought of him moving out. That upset me so I said "guess you like to live on your own, perfect bachelor pad for bringing girls over?" He got angry and walked away. Since Monday he has said that he needs to learn to love himself and needs to be left alone...

    • Oh then it just sounds like he needs a break then , once he sees what it's like to be alone for awhile he will probably want to come back

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