Why is he playing games?

Why is he playing games?

Long story short, my boyfriend of 2 years, moved out of my place 2 weeks ago (we were fighting daily, and most of the fights were my fault but the move out was to be temporary. He still left has his profile photo on fb of us, his computer, tv at my place etc). Last Monday we had a huge fight, and he said "I need to be left alone". We haven't talked for a week... then on Saturday he lets me know he is leaving the city for 2 weeks for work. Then today I find out through a mutual friend that my boyfriend went and told an acquaintance that he moved out... WHY is he so quick to spread to his friends that he moved out?


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  • Are you the same person that's been posting this question like a trillion times? How is this playing games? Maybe someone asked how you guys were so he just responded with that. It's the truth.

    • Sorry that you feel i'm over posting, I am just frustrated and unfortunately I haven't been getting much advice on here... I am frustrated because the move out was to be temporary, and he didn't even take down our profile photo of us, didn't move his things out of my place, and even didn't tell his family that he moved out as he wanted to keep things quiet until we figured out what the future holds. And now all of a sudden he is telling people that aren't even that close to him! And to make it worse, our mutual friends. Why would he not keep it to himself?

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    • I sent him a text saying that I dont understand why its necessary for him to tell the whole town that he has moved out. He saw it, but didn't respond. So i said "if you love me then call me", it is really embarrassing and hurtful that we discuss 1 thing... and then he turns around and does something completely different.

    • thanks for MH, did everything work out? You can also PM me if you want.

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