The semester is about to begin. What should I do the first day to get women to notice me/get a conversation started?

Every semester it's always the same. No one really speaks, and I'm rather tired of history repeating. What can I do to tweak a woman's interest the first day of the semester?
p. s I have social anxiety, so nothing radical.

Side question.
i am going to be in a course with a girl I would like to date. How should I start the conversation to get her a tad interested in me? She is very sweet and extroverted, and I'm just not, so what should i do? She always smiled when I would talk to her, and would give me glances when she thought I wasn't looking. Any helpful tips on how to interest her, or at least show her that I'm interested and wanting to talk to her?


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  • Rush in ato > thank me later

  • Don't if things don't go perfectly it'll be awkward for the rest of the semester. Don't go after girls in your classes at least not until towards the end of the semester.

    • Fair enough i guess... But what exactly am I supposed to do for the semester? I'm rather tired of staying alone and sad.

    • Meet girls in school clubs or something.

    • Clubs are inactive during summer semesters.

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