Been single for 5 years, really bad luck with dating in the past, but I'm going to University soon - Any tips to 'get back in the game'?

So for a bunch of reasons I gave up with dating after my last one, I deeply loved this girl but in the end she only went for me because I'm just a 'sweet guy' and kept lying to me throughout the relationship, my head wasn't in a good place so I just wanted to get out of relationships for some time.

I'm not exactly in a advantage either; I'm a short guy, 6-7 in looks, but I'm sweet and quite good flirting, so I suppose that's something I have going for me at least. University is going to be something brand new for me so I want to start fresh, I'm moving about 40 miles from home already got my placement and applied for accomodation/finance so I'm set for that at least.

Any help?


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  • If you focus in getting a girlfriend, you might never succeed... make some friends, create connections, and date them


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  • dont know

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