What does it mean when your boyfriend has a panic attack when looking at promise rings?

-Together for a year now both in our 20s
-Getting promise rings was something he thought of.
-While just browsing an antique store looking at rings, he tells me her has shortness of breath and a racing heart rate.
-He tells me everyday how he wants to marry me someday and I'm the only girl he's loved this much

I'm worried that he's not as ready to commit and move in as I am. Am I wasting my time being with a man that might run away or back out?


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  • "Am I wasting my time being with a man that might run away or back out?"

    You came to this conclusion all because he had a panic attack looking at promise rings...


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  • I think you're jumping the gun. He didn't say he doesn't want marriage. He didn't say he isn't ready to commit. We all get panic attacks sometimes. It can be triggered by MANY Things but to conclude it means he doesn't want to be with you or commit to you is a stretch.


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  • wouldn't you say making serious life decisions is stressful? It's not surprising he had a panic attack because he has realized how much things will change. It's not because he will back out or anything. It's because change is difficult for people to deal with quickly, and some don't handle it very well. Give him some time to come to terms with the changes that will be occurring, and he'll be fine.


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  • Why would you think that? He just got overwhelmed, but if he's telling you he wants to marry you someday and he wants to get you a promise ring, then it sounds like he definitely wants to commit and be with you.