How to tell a female friend that I am dating the guy she likes?

So this guy asked me out and I said yes because yes I wanted to know him more but one of my close female friend likes him. Thats the problem. She likes "all" the tall men since she is also a tall woman and sometimes she keeps on talking about how big he is in terms of height and that she wants to keep thinking about him the whole day. She kinda likes him but she also likes one of his friend. She has crush on all the good looking tall men to be specific!!! Me and this guy are doing good and I know some day she will see us together since we live in same hostel.


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  • Your friend doesn't have the magical right to reserve every tall guy she sees. In fact, this guy asked you out on a date, which says quite a bit about who he is interested in (hint: it's you).

    Depending on what kind of girl your friend is, she may freak out and get mad, or take it well and not care much about it. Regardless of how she responds, you did nothing wrong here. It is best to tell her this sooner rather than later; because it is better if you tell her instead of her finding out. Just say something like: "You'll never guess who asked me out!"

    • Of course she does not!! I am just worried about her reaction. :/ She thinks that as I am real short I won't suit with insanely tall guy but its opposite. I kinda like this guy. I'll tell her as soon as possible and of course use this "You'll never guess who asked me out!". :) Thank you. :D

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    • Sounds good to me!

      Good luck :)

    • Thanks again :)

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  • If she's a close friend, just tell her, it's not that big of a deal. If she's like overly sensitive, she might get a bit pissed for a while, but that's still like a thousand times better than if she found out from somebody else.

    • Yes yes!! I dont want her to find it in case she sees us together in city or somewhere. I better tell her soon and yes its thousand times better than third person gossiping about it. Thank you :)

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