Do I have a chance at getting her back?

So after like 2 and a half years I broke up with my girlfriend in March because I felt like I can't be myself with her. Since then she acts like exactly the girl I need and I needed time to sort things out because I felt so hurt for what she's done at the early stages of our relationship.

After breaking up she kept looking for me for a few weeks, I didn't really do anything to her but I was undecided because I still felt hurt. The process is over and now I want her back but she's met with at least 2 guys so far. The guy who she met earlier didn't really impress her I guess because she called me like 2 days after that in the middle of the night and we talked for 2 hours and even had phone sex (I know it's not actual sex but heck, I wasn't anywhere near to her and we both were into it lol would've been more if we met).

We started to talk a few days ago again but she's not interested anymore because she met that dude. Honestly I'm not really sad about it, maybe it's just a habit to meet her or something and that's why I feel like I miss her but I really feel like if she was this girl then I'd still be with her.

So today I surprised her - her friends usually go uninvited - and so did I. We started to talk and what not, then I started to talk about how I miss her and all. I humiliated myself and everything because I feel so alone on the other hand I don't think I have any purpose to live sometimes but this isn't why I make this post. I kept making arguments about why it would be good for us to get back together. Although I could make her laugh like I always did so I'm not sure she's not attracted to me whatsoever.

My question is how can I get her back? I have no direct influence on her seeing that other guy and I also blocked her on facebook just because I didn't wanna have any chance to talk to her for a while. And even if I wanna talk I want to do it personally.

What can I do? Do you think old tricks work? My cousin suggested to try the way I did when I approached her.


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  • What is going on with the new guy? what has she said about him?

    • she explained him as the exact opposite of me.

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    • by then it could be too late... but if it is at least you are in a good starting point for finding someone new. I have had issues with my (ex?) boyfriend. I dont know where we are with things and its awful walking on eggshells... so just be careful x

    • I think it's already too late. today I ended up at her's, it wasn't planned, I had diarrhea close to her apparment - talk about bad luck huh... I thought I can leave fast and all but then she asked "how does that girl know about my new guy?" and I was like damn I told that girl to not say anything on facebook and by that girl I mean one of my childhood friends.
      so we started to talk, he praised the guy a lot and I asked what can I do to make her ditch him. she said: "nothing." she said she moved on and I didn't act in time. she's glad I reacted late. I think it's over for good.

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