Girls, why do you get so mad when guys date younger girls?

I didn't have a girlfriend or even a date my entire freshman year at college. Female friends even told me crap like "you're too young" or "wait until you're an upperclassman," as if I should have to go two years without sex or companionship just of my age.

This year, I started dating a high school girl I met at my gym. She's the age of consent, so everything is cool. The only problem has been the reactions I've gotten from female friends. They all seem to be violently opposed to it. I've even lost some of them as friends because they got so negative with me over my girlfriend. It's a total double standard.

So my question is, why do girls get so butthurt over guys dating younger girls? If you don't like a guy, what do you even care if he dates someone younger/


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  • Sounds like they liked you

    • The why would they tell me that I would have to wait to get dates?

    • because they wanted you to make an effort they are very immature

    • I agree. It was very insulting to be told that I was undateable as a freshman, as if my age made me unworthy of female companionship.

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  • Because a lot of girls are immature and get a kick of out thinking they have power over guys. You did the best thing you could do to rub these girls noses in it. Any time a girl rejects or puts you down, the best thing you can do is to go get pussy from a better girl.

    • Well, I think one reason these girls got mad is that they thought they had higher value in dating than me, but the girl I'm with is more attractive than any of my female friends. So I think that was a bitter pill for them. But that's not why I got with her. She's a sweetie, and she sees me as a prize.

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    • Yes, I'm sure lol. I checked her ID the first time we went out just to be sure. I tease her about it all the time and she thinks it's funny.

    • LOL nice move. Good for you, then. I admire guys who overcome rejection and get pussy. I have two older brothers, so I know how brutal girls can be in rejecting guys. I try to be nice, but I'm not always lol.

  • I think it's kind of because she's in high school, different mentality I suppose.

    • But that's between the two of us. She's really not that different than most college girls, though, not from what I can tell.

  • Unless the age is so drastic that it makes you seem like a pedophile, it shouldn't be a problem. Of course, maybe they liked you? I don't know. Girls don't always make sense.

    • But what does the age difference matter as long as she's the age of consent? That's what I don't get. I've had two female friends drop the 'pedophile' thing, and it's lame. She's 17, which is old enough in my state.

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    • I get it. It's just no fair for girls to tell guys to wait to date and then get mad when the guy get's a younger girl.

    • Oh don't worry about them. It's your life. Who are they to tell you what to do?

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