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I think my girlfriend might be cheating on me.. I need help n some advice?

I've been with my girl for a year she lied n cheated on me for the first 6months when i was living in palmbay i told her we should see other people when i moved cause i knew she had needs n i had needs she said no i wanna be with you i said are you sure n that was that i after a while i started going through her facebook cause i just didn't feel right i had a bad vibe i read messages with guys saying oh come chill n smoke n oh what you doin tn i knew off rep she was cheatin but she played the I'm not doing anything i love you n only you card while crying when i confronted her n wanted to break up i felt bad n thought maybe I'm trippin.. i got to the point where i quit my job in palmbay n moved back n found out the truth she really was cheating on me i couldn't believe how good she was at lying like she cried n all made it soo convincing when i had doubts she messaged me books after books saying how she loves me n all that bullshit i was just in shock man complete shock. when i moved back i told her i couldn't trust her anymore the love i had wasn't the same she told me she was gonna try her best to fix it so i gave her another shot it got to the point where even when we were fucking i would think bout the dudes she's been with n didn't know how to handle my emotions i cried for the first over a female n she knew that which got her upset so for the next 5months she been trying to gain my trust n fix what she did i told her i couldn't feel right unless i fucked 3 chicks so i did which then got her paranoid bout me so now we both paranoid.. i work fulltime I'm 20 years old she 20 years old we fucked today n she was just as loose asshe was when i figured she was cheating on me i feel like she's goin to someones house while I'm at work n i don't know what to do I'm at the point where I'm sayin fuck it idgaf what she does anymore but i refuse to play the fool again she ain't gonna be fuckin no niggasn expect to come home n sleep in my bed.. but i have no proof
I think my girlfriend might be cheating on me.. I need help n some advice?
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