Did this guy lose interest for this reason?

i met a guy recently- we had met years ago and not talked, he's visiting again and we met up. He was nicer this time and seemed to take an interest in me. He was the one showing interest. Even inviting me to stay at his resort to get away from another guy who was bothering me. He even drove to my area to hang out. He even was sort of mentioning marriage- sort of in a subtle way. Like he was financially free. last night we had drinks, then outside i mentioned i have 6 cats. He didn't seem too bothered but u could tell he was. then five mins later, he said it's late and he has to go. Then he sort of tried to force a hug out of me, which I thought was weird. Then when I get home he texts me saying "too bad u feel uncomfortable around me." I dont even know why he said that. I said what?

then he said well he tried giving a hug and i wasn't interested. I told him i do that with everyone. so far he hasn't tried anything like this. did he act weird cuz of the cats?


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  • No, he said it was because of the awkward hug. So, it was the awkward hug. Guys are very straightforward. What did you do that made him feel that way? I am not a huge hugger with most people and can be socially awkward with affection but I have never come across as that uncomfortable that I know of.

    • well it doesn't seem legit bc he didn't seem to care about it before, tho he did mention a hug the first time. But it was like he suddenly left after i mentioned the cats... other than that we were talking and i was possibly going to invite him to my place. and i didn't do anything... i think it was an excuse

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    • Oh, gotcha. MAYBE it was the cats, I would think a guy would look past that if they are interested. I love cats and have two, but the "dating experts" on tv do say that girls having cats are really bad for dating and 6 is a lot. But the way I feel is that if they aren't okay with my cats then move on, they aren't going anywhere and if cats are a deal breaker they didn't like me enough to begin with and can move on. BUT, he texted you immediately after talking about the awkward hug, so it is hard to deny that is what bothered him more than anything.

    • that's true- im not sure. Well he did act weird after the cats- so I think the cat thing made him then feel more aggressive about getting something physical from me, like he didn't want to respect me suddenly. Then i think he used the hug thing as an excuse.

  • I think you're the one who acted weird...

    • no i didn't act weird at all. a guy suddenly left and hugged me oddly... you're weird scram loser