Things went great, he called but no third date?

I went one two dates with this guy I met through a friend. First one was just casual and in the afternoon. Lasted 5 hours. Second one was a week and a half later and he bought me dinner (and mojito! Haha I just like saying that) at a nice restaurant. We walked around the city and talked until about 11:30 but then he had to go because he works at 6 am.

We hugged but that’s it. Keep is mind he’s a shy guy. He messaged me the next day to ask how my day was and said he had a nice time an hoped I had a safe drive home (we live an hour apart so I went up. My choice. Better restaurants in his area). He also said that he’s slow sometimes but I looked really good. We messaged a few times then I told him I was going out and we said goodnight. Haven’t heard from him since. That was last Thursday so it’s been a week. Do you think he lost interest after our second date and just messaged me to be nice? I thought our date went well. He does work a lot and when he doesn't work he goes fishing. But he did tell me he's going to get some time off. Don't remember when though... I know this upcoming weekend he's going on a camping trip with his buddies so I don't expect a call then. Maybe after? I'm not holding my breath though.


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  • It's really not tacky if you call him up and ask if he wants to do something. You CAN ask a guy out on a date. If you're nervous about it just find a way of making it sound like he'd be doing you a favor as a friend. Eg. "My friend gave me two tickets to a show and I don't want them to go to waste, would you come along so I don't look all weird?"


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