My 14 year old neighbor checks me out, what should I do?

I am 28 and I live next to this family. The family has a 14 year old daughter and I have caught her checking me out and smiling at me. I don't plan on dating her right now, but when she is 18 I would be interested. How can I send her the message that at this time we cannot date but I would be open to dating her when she is 18?


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  • Keep this a Secret that Only you Know with No... Show.
    If word gets Out to Mom or Dad, They will Be Mad and All hell will break out that you are a Perv who is after their Little Girl.
    Keep it light and Very Semi Sweet for now. And if anything changes in the Love Line in Time... Make it Her and Your Business until you both get Better Acquainted as two Mature Adults.
    Good luck. xx


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  • She is fourteen. Penis and sex is probably on her mind and she is wondering how big you are. Your not special every other man has caught her attention. The fact that your waiting until she is 18 is weird , like do you not date?

  • When she is 18 she would find some guy of her age probably. You might not even look the same so she will just lose interest. Leave the girl alone and get with women.

    Did you ever thought about what is her family going to do? They live beside you.


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