Scared to be cheated on again. Help?

I'm a young female and I've been dating my current (older) boyfriend for roughly two months now and have been talking to him for four. In my past relationship, I was cheated on and my ex had talked to different girls throughout the on-and-off 2 year relationship. That was the first relationship I've ever had where I was actually in love with someone, so I was constantly depressed and anxious the last year of that relationship. Ever since, I've been very cautious with dating people and I'm VERY insecure. My current boyfriend seems very loving and he teases me all the time, it's a very friendly but still intimate relationship. But recently things have been getting bad because I get paranoid all the time due to thoughts that he could be cheating. He has us publicly in a relationship online and stuff so I honestly shouldn't be worried, also a few of his friends that are girls are also my friends now too. He's started a new job and I get worried that maybe something will happen because he's very attractive in my mind, and plus he has a lot of friends that are females and I'm not used to that in a relationship. I've asked friends for advice and most of them said I shouldn't be worried because he talks about me to his friends (from what I've seen), and that he seem very loving and nice to me in person. But I did have one friend (who is also a guy) tell me that guys are always hiding something and that he's probably cheating on me because I'm younger and he's older. He does tease me sometimes where if he sees I'm sort of looking over his shoulder on his phone, he'll pull his phone away and act like he's hiding something and I get very annoyed/upset with this. I've told him that it bothered me and he says for me to just chill and that he's just messing with me. Also, he moved back from PA to FL after a couple months of talking online/on the phone. He used to live here but HATES FL but he said that I was worth it. Can someone just give me their advice on this? Thank you.

Also, I went on his phone on Saturday night and he caught me and we had a HUGE argument where he even thought about breaking up with me because he wanted a real relationship and wants me to trust him. Last night he was on his phone next to me in bed and I saw he changed his password when typing it in. This really worries me because I feel like he might be hiding something. When I went through his phone I didn't find anything, so I shouldn't REALLY be worried. But he changed his password..


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  • You have already answered your own question at least in part , you said that you didn't find anything inapropreate in his phone ; that tells me that your distrust is misplaced. On the other hand your persistent that he is hiding something will cure all this when he decided a that the hassle of continually having to prove himself just isn't worth it. There are a number of reasons why he could have changed his password, your actions may have shown him that your snooping shows he can't trust you. Maybe your the type of person to delete contacts that your worried about him talking to or you could say nasty stuff to friends knowing they will think it's him , thus ruining friendships. I am not saying you would but taking the liberty to go through someone's phone is totally out f line and will serve to do noting but harm

    • thank you for your input. every time i ask a question on here little guys answer, and right now i think you're the first person on this site who's advice has really made me think differently.

    • How do you mean little guys? As in young

    • I mean that rarely no guys answer the questions i ask. haha sorry, i just read what i typed over and now i realize what you mean lol

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  • "I did have one friend tell me that guys are always hiding something"
    I am sorry to say that, but he sounds like a shitty friend.
    You should relax and try to trust your boyfriend. After all, he hasn't given you any reason not to trust him, right?

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