Is my best friends boyfriend flirting with me?

So one of my best friends has a boyfriend of almost a month who goes to a different school and I recently added his snapchat, Instagram and Facebook like my friend (the gf) suggested I do, just to be friendly, and i was joking around snapping him sending selfies with my friend (the gf) and after a while he sent me a selfie of him with no shirt on, my friend wasn't there to see that though and I decided not to tell her. Then later on, he hearted my Facebook picture instead of just regular liking it and now he keeps snapping me, and it's all making me uncomfortable, I feel like he's over stepping it with how comfortable he is around his girlfriends best friend. We haven't met in person but I heard he's quite shy but it doesn't seem that way over text.
im not sure if I should tell my friend how he's acting around me or if I should just delete him on social media, but I feel that could look suspicious.
does anyone have any advice? Is he flirting with me do you think?


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  • I think you should tell your friend. It's better that she hears it from you and knows that she can trust you with this type of stuff.

  • Try to play it off when you tell your friend, because maybe your getting it wrong and you don't wanna put doubts in her head for nothing, let her decide if she thinks his behaviour is wrong/right.
    Be like "lol he sent me a shirtless pic" "wow he is really active on facebook huh? He's really nice hearting my pics, or was that you on his account?"
    Stuff like that ^ you know...