Dating tips for slight Aspergers?

Okay, so, I know that I have some traits of Aspergers Syndrome which is a high functioning type of Autism. Though, for the most part, I'm pretty normal. Although, I can't seem to get any girls.. This is me...

I'm 17, I do theater, I love photography, I love going on bike rides, I have medium length blonde dyed hair, I'm a bit chubby but I'm okay built people say, I don't always get sarcasm, I don't always know how people are feeling (Most of the time I do though), I love random walks, I'm not ugly but I'm not the most attractive person in the world either, when I'm upset or angry I can sometimes get offend by people or drown people out, etc.

I don't know, I mean, I'm social but I'm also kind of quiet. I just always get this feeling that I'm going to be lonely forever.

Any tips on how to get girls and sorts?


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  • Honestly, get as educated as you can about Aspergers. Read books about it, learn what types of problems you will face as a result, and seriously think about getting a social skills trainer therapist if you find yourself having trouble with relationships. Given that you have Aspergers, you may end up having some social trouble in your relationships because your social boundaries and sense of social protocol aren't the strongest. If you find girls getting upset with you and you don't understand why, ASK them what you've done so you know and can learn what it is you did so you don't repeat it, even if you don't understand why. The important thing is to continue to learn and grow and take responsibility for your disorder. You didn't ask for it but there are things you can do to make it better and to have less social problems in your life. Work towards those things and don't be afraid to talk to someone if you need help brushing up on your skills, it's the people who don't take the time to improve that end up unhappy.

    • Education and effort are not guarantees of success nor happiness. Asking someone why they're offended only works if they are interested in providing adequate feedback. Otherwise, asking someone why they're upset will only make them more upset. The asker sounds a lot like me. In my experience, others expect us to be psychics. And we're quite the opposite of psychics. Although over time, I've become a better lie detector. And when you know that 78% of those around you are 85.2% full of BS nearly 100% of the time, it gets a little depressing.

  • Search the question I answed it awhile back


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