How do I know if I've been friendzoned?

Okay, so after a disastrous encounter with a former flame, I am back in the dating pool again. Yay! I went out with a guy I met in a dating app last night. We had dinner and had coffee to top off the night. He kept on insisting that he pays the bill, so I at least let him pay for my coffee. We really hit it off, there was no dull moment and he was even comfortable enough to tease me every now and then.

He was charming and we seem to click right away, as if we were long term friends. Unlike my last dating experience, I don't think I'm physically (by that I mean sexually) attracted to him. Although a little flirting didn't hurt.

He vaguely invited me to future plans like, 'Hey, we should go to this cool bar next time.' and 'We should go swimming next time!' I agreed since we seem to hit it off right away. Although by the end of the night he said, 'Hey, you're really cool. We're friends now, okay?'

I'm not really expecting him to see me as a potential girlfriend or something. I mean, it would also be cool if we ended up being buddies. I just want to make things clear and avoid unnecessary drama. So, does he mean that literally? That he just sees me as a friend? Any thoughts?


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  • No... you just met... if he likes you you will know it.. give it some time...


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  • It's pretty clear he just considers you as a friend, but it's up to you if you want to remain friends.

    • I guess so. Thank you for your thoughts!

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