Why do womanizer always act like they get hurt?

Whenever a female comes around who actually gives them a chance they back down but tell social media they wish they had a girl.


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  • ... because he's not into you?


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  • hm... I have experience with playboys and I'm too lazy to search google for the difference bet. womanizer and playboy so yeah (rolls eyes)

    the thing is when guys do this the girl that came around them ISN"T THEIR TYPE!!

    no matter how many girls came to them as long as it isn't their type they would go around social media bragging that their looking for a partner

    and once they found a super hot girl that won't even give them a glimpse that's their type of girl BELIEVE ME!


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  • I'm not 100% sure what you're talking about, got an example?

    • Like a guy that does nothing but hookup with girls all the time and act like they are the ones screwing him over.

    • They hooked up but ultimately weren't interested, doesn't seem too crazy.

      Perhaps they want an emotional connection with someone and aren't finding it.

      Do you appreciate that it's not a common situation that a guy would be able to do "nothing but hookup with girls all the time"? I feel like that's relevant to understanding this phenomena you think you're seeing.

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