My Crush Asked Me Out through Text, I didn't see it until later that night.. Did I lose my chance with him? What should I do to get him to ask me out?

I have been wanting my crush to text me for weeks and when he finally asked me out I didn't have my phone on me. He texted me around 6:30 asking if I wanted to go to a movie around 8:30ish. The problem is I didn't see the text until 8:30.. so I texted him saying that I just saw the text and that i was sorry and that wasn't able to go but that we should do something soon. I just don't want him to think i blew him off... What should i do to get him to ask me out again?

He did answer back say ya we will (to when i said we should hang out) am i thinking to much into this?


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  • Fucking make it up. Fucking ask him out. Simple solution bro.
    Seriously, if you take the initiative and set something up, he'll be so god damn happy.

  • Just say yes.


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  • You should be the one who initiates the next date.