Why would a guy just see me as an option and not his priority?


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  • Because he isn't ready to commit/grow up. Don't make it easy for him by sticking around. Guys like this will only act this way when they feel they can get away with it. You need to stand apart by letting him know that you're not in this to play games.

    • The dude is 29 jeezusss! 😫

    • They say that men mature at slower rates than women. That may be true in his case. It's also easier for them to postpone stuff like marriage and having kids since they don't really have a biological clock.

    • Hey ojos. thank you!

      I really like him though!!! ugh I don't know what to do:(
      I mean I am trying to move on because he has put me through a ringer as in, I am in such a roller coaster with him. it sucks.

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