He got my number but he didn't call/text, what's up with that?

I've been working with this guy for 2.5 months. We didn't really start talking to each other until maybe 3-4weeks after we met. I guess we both like each other, but we didn't really make any big moves, so we are stuck at the colleague-level since we only interact at work.

Last Sat, when we went to get lunch, he asked me to lend him my phone to make an important call. Ended up that he was actually calling his own phone. I’m not sure if he didn't bring his phone on purpose or not, but he usually brings it with him. I don't know if he thought I wouldn't give him my number if he asked or if he felt that it'd be awkward to ask for it out of nowhere.

Anyway, for whatever reasons, he found that his phone didn’t get that missed call from my phone when he got back to the office, but he didn’t say it. Then, before he had to leave, he asked me to give him my phone again. I gave it to him, but then I felt weird so I went up to him and tried to take it back. He said, “Why can’t I have your phone?” That question didn’t quite make sense to me, so I joked with him, “Huh? Why should you have MY phone? It’s MINE.” He asked me to just give the phone to him, so I handed it over, but this time I stood next to him and asked, “so what are you gonna do with it?” Then he finally said he didn’t get my number. I asked him why & he said he didn’t know. I didn’t even mean it I was just joking trying to tease him only, I said, “Maybe it’s because your phone doesn’t want my number!” I didn’t expect him to be nervous & immediately say, “NO! It wants your number!” So I called his phone again and he got my number.

On Monday, we both had work. I texted him to ask a work-related question and he replied with only a short answer (he was at work already, so I don’t know if he was busy or if he didn’t want to reply).

Until now Wednesday, he still didn’t call or text me, so I don’t understand. He tried hard to get the number but then he didn’t do anything. What's going on?


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  • He's probably too nervous to call you or text you, especially after you teased him about it.

    You guys have (as far as I know) so far only interacted in a "work" context, but him calling you or texting you puts him in a more personal position - which you guys haven't broached yet. If you want him to make a move, try engaging him in more personal conversations at work to make him feel like it's okay to talk to you.

    Or, you could always text him first.

    • What do you mean by personal conversations? Like anything not related to work? If so, then we have been having personal conversations everyday when we see each other. I guess he just feels awkward just calling/texting me for nothing? or maybe he's backing off for some other reasons. I don't know.

    • Yeah, work-unrelated conversations was what I meant.

      He could very well be nervous about calling/texting "for no reason" - I know I certainly am the first time I call/text someone, because I'm not sure how they'll respond, whether they'll be happy to hear from me/sound irritated/be busy or whatever.

    • Thanks! I called him at work last week during lunch to see where he went because we're supposed to get unch together. And he started texting me yesterday. I thought it's just because I had work last night and he wanted to see when I'd be there, but he texted me again when he was at work. We didn't really "talk" about anything though and he didn't reply after a few messages. I teased him a little but he's not type of people who would get mad for that, so I don't know.

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