Is the Relationship Over or Not?

Is the Relationship Over or Not?

My boyfriend of 2 years moved out 2 few weeks ago, as we were fighting, but we decided to try to make it work anyways. We got into a huge fight a week ago and he said "leave me alone"... since then he let me know he is gone for 2 weeks on a business project, although he has our photo on his fb & his things at my place, he is ignoring me and won't talk to me. Over or Not?

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  • He wants his space right now, so give it to him. He told you to LEAVE HIM ALONE, so that's exactly what you need to do.

    When he gets back, you guys can figure it out, but until then, there is nothing to be done but to reflect on what happened, and to take responsibility for your part in those happenings.


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  • It sounds like you're running away in fear that you guys won't overcome this fight. You have a choice here. Do you love him? Better yet, are you IN love with him?

    • I am... but he is ignoring me and told me that he is super hurt...

    • Then you hurt him in some way? Do you want to explain the fight?

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  • He might come back but you'll have to wait and see. It sounds over to me.


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