If you neighbor randomly ask you out would you go out with her?

So you've known this girl for 2 years and even helped move furniture into her apartment. You chat from time to time as you guys cross paths going to your rooms, or travelling down the elevator to the ground floor.

If you neighbor randomly ask you out would you go out with her?FRIDAY:
You come home from work around 6 pm and catch her in the elevator. You guys small talk a bit before leaving to go to your rooms. It's now 8 pm and you are in sweat pants and going to your room after coming back from a jog. You catch your neighbor dressed up and can't help but ask her where she's off to.

She tells you she's going to meet up with some friends and their going to do a little bar surfing and spend a night out on the town tonight and she gives you an invitation if you want to come with her.

Would you accept her offer or decide to go home, take a bath and go to your bed?

  • Get ready quickly and go out with her and her friends
  • Go home, bathe and take a nap
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  • Love the narrative. Yeahh if you helped her move furniture she def owes you at least a date haha. And ya if she looks like that, I'll go with her.


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  • Why not? What's the worst that can happen?

  • Just scored some side chicks

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