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In highschool I met a girl, and we dated, but then broke up and remained close friends. She started dating a 35 year old man WHILE she was 17! This guy was controlling, and crazy! We would still talk, then one day he started threatening me via text, and he said how "She makes me feel like a man, but you'll never know what that means!" I told her that he bragged about having sex with her, and she defended him saying he didn't mean it that way. She then defended him threatening me so I just left her alone.

Now I am a doctor, and last month I ran into her in the mall she asked me what I was up to, and what I am doing now. I told her I am a medical practitioner, and she looked me up on FB, and somehow got my private cell phone number (but then again I have had the same number since high school haha). She keeps asking to get drinks, dinner, or coffee with her. I personally thinks she is crazy, and I don't know what to do!


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  • I say, don't be someone else's back-up plan.


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  • Don't if you don't wanna. Any 17 yo girl that would date a 35 yo is not the smartest. So maybe no


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