Do girls like a guy more when they are unsure if he likes her?

So there is a girl I know who is obsessed with a guy who is playful and flirts with her, but sometimes say mean things to her, and not reply to her text. He never said he likes her in a "serious" way.

On the other hand, there is another sweet guy who've told her he likes her and wants take her out, but she acts hot and cold, and flaky.

Another explanation to this? Or is it only about the guy?

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  • 100%. Girls like guys who don't like them. A guy who is ambiguous about his interest is mysterious and has higher value, so girls have to work harder to get the guy. Conversely, a guy that makes his interest known has shown his hand. Thus, no mystery, no thrill of the chase, and no value.

    Treat em mean, keep em keen. Women, amirite.

  • It's more about attachment to outcome and how a guy expresses his attraction. You can't come from a place of 'taking,' only a place of giving. You'll give off weird and awkward vibes a woman (or anyone) won't find attractive if you're trying to 'win the girl.' When you learn to be authentic to yourself unapologetically and provide lots of expression and passion, whether or not you're necessarily in a good mood, you'll become more naturally attractive.

  • Sure seems that way to me. When I show interest, they disappear but if I don't, I can't get rid of them. Don't get it.