Guys... how long does it take to take to make her your woman?

We are both in our early 20s. We met online 3 weeks ago exchanged numbers and started texting. Since then we have been on 3 really great dates and we will be going on a 4th tomorrow.
When we spend time together we have a lot in common and we can talk for hours about lots of differnt things without having a dull moment. We kissed on 2 of the 3 dates so far (multiple times) and he asked for more kisses before I left..
Today when talking about the website we met on.. I told him I deleted my app and he said that I didn't need it anymore. I said I guess that is true although nothing is offical yet. To which he replied that he is just having lots of fun getting to know me right now.
So I was wondering.. how long does it take until you want to make her your girlfriend?
Note: he tells me he really likes me, is flirty over text calls me sweet names, tells me how much fun it is to spend time with me etc.. I get the vibe that he likes me


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  • You can only know truly after sex.


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  • That was an excuse, so he doesn't have to commit to you. If he wanted an exclusive relationship with you, you gave him the perfect opportunity to say so - he doesn't. He's probably having fun getting to know other women just as well as you. Classic player.