Should I say this to fix us?

I started seeing my best friend from uni almost a year ago.
We spent an amazing summer together - talking constantly, practically living together half the week - until he had to go back to uni (3hrs away).

At first when away he was like "I love you, I miss you, I want to be with you" etc. but over time the conversation got less and i felt less loved and important to him.

He was recently back for holidays and I pepped up a bit. He was sad (himself) but I felt some of the love come back. Then… 3 weeks ago he went back to uni. I didn't hear from him. I questioned it, he said he was busy. He said he missed me etc. But it kept happening, i would hear from him for DAYS, not even a text. I told him that i missed hearing from him and he said that we could talk about it when he came home. He seemed to try to talk more but would cut convos (texting) short and just seem uninterested.

Then he would screenshot a snap chat and tell me, or one night he called me but then ignored again for days. SO CONFUSING! I haven't heard from him now for 2 days and I can't be bothered to try anymore, he's back this weekend and has said he will catch up.

I want to get back to how we were (If even possible!) and I don't want to lose his friendship, but I want to know what is going on, get an understanding and communicate how I feel. I'm thinking I will say this:

"I miss you + the amazing summer we had together.
I miss the way we would talk about anything and everything until late at night.
Everything has changed.
I feel like I am not important to you anymore, that you don't want to be a part of my life.
I feel so confused.
You are very special to me + I don't want to lose your friendship.
I just needed you to know all that"

What do you think? Should I say it another way? Should I not say something? Should I say something else?


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  • When you can't spend time with the person you want to be with you start to resent the way you feel and them. Your needs go unmet and you start trying to focus on other things because you can't see the person. he probably started to distance himself because he wasn't able to get what he wanted from the relationship and he saw no point in carrying on like you guys weer because he goes away to uni often and won't see you.

    • Thank you for saying that, it makes a lot of sense. We lasted for a few months without this issue and if possible I would love to fix it. He moves home in a few months anyway. What do you think I can do/say to him?

    • if he moves home where you are, then definitely try to keep the connection strong and ask him questions about whether his needs are being fulfilled or not, or what he wants with you when he gets home.

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