Which Is More Attractive: Skinny But Out Of Shape or Overweight And At The Gym?

I really want to know the answer to this question. It's really frustrating for me. I'm 5'3, about 176, and I 26 years old but I can do so many more things than my smaller friends. I just hiked up a trail in the Smokey Mountains that was 2.5 miles to a waterfall. I turned around a 2 miles because I got scare of the heights (extreme fear) but my friend is who is 5'9, 140, and 26 had to stop and rest every few minutes because she kept running out of breath. She went through two water bottles. One of them was supposed to be mine, but I didn't need it. I ended up leaving her behind when we walked back down the trail, which should have been faster, but I still ended up waiting 10 minutes for her to make to the bottom and she was so tired that I had to drive us back. This is the same friend who went to the gym with me to do the elliptical with me at the gym and dies after 5 minutes. I can do between 15-20 minutes.

This is really frustrating for two reasons. First, I know I'm overweight, but I go to the gym, workout, and I played soccer for 16 years, more than she ever did, but I guess her metabolism is just faster because we eat the same. Yet, everyone finds her more attractive than they do me. Part of it's that she's blonde with green eyes and tall. I'm short, black, kinda lighter, with black hair and brown eyes... no stand out colors at all. It's just annoying. Second, I also know, based on what my doctor and trainer have told me, I will probably never weigh under 150 because I want to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. In order for me to be under 150, I would have to lose muscle, too, which I don't want to do. So why do men want someone small and out of shape? Why is that attractive? Wouldn't you want someone who's healthier?

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  • most girls are out of shape.

    hell most humans are out of shape.

    • Ugh, I don't think I could be with someone out of shape no matter what they look like, skinny or fat. I've put on weight but I've never been out of shape to where a hike was a struggle.

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    • asker, if you are trying very hard to lose weight and you are still overweight, I would go see a doctor because you may have a health condition /endocrine problem that is keeping you from being an ideal weight. Get all your glands checked; Thyroid, adrenal, pituitary. I think you may have a hormonal problem

    • oh also get your ovaries checked for PCOS

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  • 2.5 miles isn't that much. My sister could walk that and she is skinny. How many meters in height did u walk?
    And well it's just nature. If u were a guy you had better chances

  • Skinny and at the Gym

  • Skinny obviously if you mean aesthetically of course.

  • Over weight at the gym


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