Was I being that pessimistic here? or realistic?

So at my night retail job, I was working with a girl about 19 years old (worked together for a while now) and someone paged her outside because someone hit her car. I went with her because I know people can be scumbags and I did not want someone to get out of what is clearly their mistake because she is a teen girl. Well it turns out her boyfriend had loaded her car with flowers, I'd say $100 worth or so. On our way back in, I asked if that got him out of the dog house, and she got upset and asked what I meant. I simply said I don't think I know any guy who would randomly do something that big without it not being an apology. Well turns out I was right, they had been fighting for the past week. But she was upset with me now too...

Why is that? especially when I was right... I hope I did not just shatter some deep romantic ideals she had, but That is just how things worked in any romantic experience I have had lol

p. s. I'm all for small random favors, and being romantic, but I just thought that was a bit much for anything other than an occasion or apology.


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  • You were right, but you basically just butted in on her personal business. It's not like she was talking to you about them fighting, and she probably wanted to keep that to herself.

    • I didn't ask WHAT was wrong, just if there was something.

      We are lie brother and sister too, so we are pretty close, known each other for years.

    • Yea, but like I said, sometimes you don't need other people to know about your business. And if he's still in the process of trying to make up for it, it's still really fresh.

  • Because it's an asshole joke. No your not a pessimist. Every time a guy ever got me flowers and people saw them they always made that joke and it's funnish when your not in a fight. But this is her boyfriends apology and you just made it into a well of course he did that instead of something sweet that her boyfriend did to make amends. It's was douchy but she'll get over it.

    • I get what you mean for sure. I guess I just don't get when people would rather see something for what they want, vs. what it really is. I guess I just see it as a life lesson, not being a douche.

      but I also see flowers as an apology as a cop out too, I'd rather meaningfully solve what ever started the fight vs. cover her eyes and sweep it all under the carpet.

      I get it though, I was injecting my views into her life.

    • See I refuse flowers that are an apology. I always have, mostly because buying me things isn't going to solve the problem. Plus it worked out for me because when I get things I don't do the what the hell did you do and just take it as a sweet gesture. Which does happen fyi. I've had plenty.

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