Can someone explain his change in behavior?

Okay I'm skipping a lot of details here but basically I have been talking to my ex every single day for the past 2 months. We talk all day pretty much and he comes over to spend the night on weekends.

Recently he went away on a 2 week trip for work. When he was away, he was super nice to me, talked to me WAY more frequently, flirted with me more, complimented me, showed more interest, etc. I would send him pictures of myself and he would respond with the heart eyes emoji, he would call me beautiful out of nowhere, he would get jealous when I was hanging out with other guys, he would tell me I look good, he even told me he missed me out of nowhere. He also talked to me constantly, responding to my snaps within a minute or less and never ignored them.

Now, he is back from his trip and we still talk but it's so different. He will sometimes open my snapchats and not respond for awhile, he doesn't compliment me or flirt with me, he isn't saying he misses me. How much we talk in an hour now is comparable to how much we would talk in maybe 10 minutes while he was away. This has happened before about over a month ago when he went away on a different trip.

What gives? Why does this happen? How can I get him to show more affection/pay more attention to me when he's not away?


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  • dont mess around with ex's. it only causes drama


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  • Maybe he realized it wasn't healthy to be behaving the way you two were since you have broken up (which it isn't), and so he's trying to change that behaviour and distance himself.

    • But we still talk everyday and he comes over and sometimes we act like we're dating. And he wasn't holding back when he was away.

    • Which isn't a healthy way to behave with an ex, because you get reattached and yet there are no clear boundaries expressed, and the relationship isn't defined. It's not a good idea because someone always gets hurt.

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  • He is your ex probably moved on. the best thing you can do at this point is have a conversation with him face to face no snapchat no social media none of that junk face to face.

    • But this has been going on for over 2 months. It doesn't seem like he moved on to me. He comes over a lot and surprises me and stuff like that.

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  • Since he is your ex this is to be expected. It sounds like you both have lingering feelings but if you are exes then that is what you are.

    • This has been going on for over 2 months now though.

    • You need to cut ties. Break off whatever it is you have going on. It is not allowing you to move on and since he has not asked to get back together, you need to be single and I mean SINGLE.