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So my boyfriend started working two jobs and his first job he works at a factory late shifts and his second job he drives. And I haven't seen him in pretty much a week and it's starting to get to me. When I text him I don't get respond and yesterday at 3:41 am he text me saying " I just want to say I miss you" and I text him when I woke saying "I love the fact that I woke up to this, I miss you too" and I got no response. I text him later that day after I got off of work said "I hope you are having a good day I just got off of work, and still nothing from him. So when I got up I text him and saying I thought by now you would of got back to me and still nothing. I even try calling him yesterday and he didn't pick up. It's just annoying that he haven't replied back and it was only yesterday but it seem like it been much longer probably because I haven't seen him in a week and also because we are trying to fix our relationship because it has been rocky as well it's slowly getting there but things could be better. I just don't know what to do about not seeing him and he hasn't contact me back so I don't know what to do or what to think. Today is my day off so I'm thinking more about everything it just making me sad and mad. I just need "TONS" of advice on how to handle this.


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  • You seem like a spoiled brat. If you're not happy then leave. It won't change no matter how much you try and make him change into what you want. He might've taken a second job to stay away from you

    • I'm pretty sure he got a second job to pay for his bills and put food in his kids mouths, and you sound like a old bitter man lol 😂

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    • Whatever you're still a brat

    • I am going to be adult and stop commenting I see who's mature and who's not. I'm from brat and if think it kool I am going to live me life and with my awesome degree and make some money with that. Unlike you I can see you probably sit on a computer all day and comment on people stuff just make you self better, you probably live with your mom still lol anyways it whatever I'm happy, goodbye Bitter Man 👋🏼

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  • Maybe he was feeling pretty tired and he fell asleep.

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