A girl that is driving me crazy by sending me mixed message and signals. What should I do?

Hi all,

There is this girl. I've known her for 3 weeks and we started going out everyday for 2 weeks now. Originally I thought she is a quiet and innocent girl but turns out after knowing her better I found out that she is much more complicated.

On the first date she tried to hold my hand and I felt it was too soon so I didn't hold it back. But all the dates afterwards went very well. We chat and laughed and flirted each other back. But I am quite a conservative and shy guy (yet charming) so I didn't make any more aggressive move like kissing her or any other, because I felt that this was the right girl and I didn't want to ruin it. I want to love her with respect and be a gentleman about it.

Yet there was a night when I felt I couldn't stand spending the night alone. So I called her up and met her and just confessed my feelings towards her and asked her to be my girlfriend. She said that she will give me a reply after she has finished her exam (I am 25, working; she is 22, in college). But she kept saying she was not saying no and she told me to stay "positive and hopeful". And after that every night after work I went to college to study with her (I've got a professional exam I need to sit for too). I was very sure we had a vibe and there were times she gazed at me and there was something in the eyes.

Last night, she suddenly called me up and said she felt that she didn't deserve me because I was not being serious and was just dating her for fun only. She states numerous reasons why she thought she was not the right one for me. Of course I managed to turn it around so she backed off again and told me maybe we should forget what she said and see each other again. But at 0230 she called again, woke me up and said she wanted to apologize that she couldn't make up her mind and suggested giving her some time to think and cancelled the coming date we agreed.

So now I am completely confused. What is she thinking? What else should I do to prove I am serious?


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  • She is playing games. Forget about her.


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  • she got her test comming up send her a hello after you know her test is over

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