Is this where nice guys are mistaken?

Women go weak-kneed for handsome scoundrels, the sight of them open the flood gates so to speak...

The thing is nice guys see women with scoundrels and assume women like scoundrels.

Here's the flaw in their plan, they be able to act like a scoundrel, but they're still not handsome.

  • Exactly, my scoundrel needs to be hot.
  • No, my scoundrel doesn't looks
  • I don't think I go for scoundrels
  • Other / I fancy women / I'm a guy / aromantic / asexual
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The second option ought to be "No, my scoundrel doesn't need looks"
Any female perspectives on this?


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  • I don't know. I am just fed up of people generalising nice men as all the same and saying they are all bad and nasty people only wanting sex. Would women like it if I went around generalising women like this or men like it if women did the same to men?

    • Well that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying they're unappealing, and assume that's their niceness that's the issue - when it's just something that's correlated with being unappealing.

  • If I have to pretend to be something that I am not to 'get' a woman, she is not worth having.
    The players and bad boys can have them. They deserve each other.

    • Well I'm saying you can't. Sure you can act like a scoundrel, but that won't make you handsome.

    • I used to be a television presenter. Enough said.

    • It didn't you personally aren't good looking (for all I know you're a handsome scoundrel) I meant an ugly 'nice guy' can stop being 'nice', but he'll still be ugly.