Is my boyfriend trying to breakup with me right now?

Me and my boyfriends relationship is pretty weird. We have only been dating for a short while but we honestly do love eachother. He sometimes does rude things to me like doesn't defend me when his family says bad things infront of me but i talked to him and set it aside and once he was drunk and took my car then in the morning he said he didn't remember and was sorry but did it the same thing not even 20 mins later.

He recently went on a trip to Hawaii and i gave my ex boyfriend a ride and ended up chilling with him and his friend for about 5 hours simply just riding around and i told my boyfriend about it and he got super angry and thinks i cheated even tho i txted him the entire time and he's not been talking to me much and he msg'd me on snapchat saying it " i have big feelings for you but I don't know if u feel the same way. it feels like your drifting away tbh just know im always here if u need a shoulder to cry on"


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  • Well, it looks like he doesn't trust you and that's not a good sign. However it seems like he is willing to be your friend.

    Yes, I think what has put him off is that you gave your ex- boyfriend a ride and that you chilled up with him and that has caused him to not trust you and plus he seems to lack courage to stand up to his family/parents and defend you when they say bad things about you. This is really not a good sign of a lover, this is not a sign of a true man.

    He also seems immature. You're right maybe he is indicating that he wants to break up with you and just stay as your friend if you need his company.


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  • It sounds like an immature relationship lacking trust and respect. If he didn't break up with you, you should break up with him.

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