Would he have a good excuse to cancel?

So Last week i visited my boyfriend who lives about 2 hours away, when i left I was like hey we should see a movie next weekend since we didn't get to last Friday, and he said sure! And I was like sweet! Now a few days later he said that probably not this weekend, no reason he just told me that... so I said oh ok. Like sure it didn't bother me, until tonight, when I asked him so what are you doing this weekend. He response was. Well tomorrow imma go see neighbors 2 (the movie we were going to see) and then Saturday and Sunday is top secret like government secret... and i said oh ok, like really? can't give me a good response as to what? You think he was just joking, or like he didn't want to say what so it wouldn't have hurt my feelings as to why he canceled our date, to go do whatever he is going to do this weekend?


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  • Maybe he needed space and time to himself. Maybe he wanted to hang out with friends and do things. I think he said it was top secret because he didn't want to hurt your feelings.

    • Lol we haven't seen eachother really since we live 2 hours away, just once. But if thats the point then he should tell me cause I mean Id rather hear thay than its a secret haha.

    • Wow that sucks. I hope he sees you more.2 hours is far but it's not to far. True he should just tell you instead of saying it's just a secret. lol. Communication is important in relationships.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion.

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  • I don't know but if I were you in your position I'd probably be mad at him.

    • Oh girl, I am haven't gone off on him yet but when it comes up its probably going to be there.

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