I'm gonna ask this girl I like out over Facebook to go fishing, I had her in my high school class but we never talked, so does that sound good?

A good activity, I'm gonna message her and be like, " hey you were in my class, I just thought you were a cool girl and was wondering if you wanted to maybe go fishing, this Saturday, message me back" is that good?


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  • That's not a good idea.

    • I don't know why he can't see that XD

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    • @Raymond_Reddington it does. I was pointing out something that was wrong with what he said.

    • Ahh I thought you told him to say that to her XD well if I realized that was demanding, I must be pretty "smart" then XD :P

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  • On a boat in the ocean? That's fun but on the land is kind of boring for a first time date

  • Fishing? Really? Fishing? Okay..
    Yeah because who wants to be taken out for dinner on a first date? Fishing is soo much better..

    • Exactly, I think fishing is more romantic, just to be safe do you have any other ideas?

    • No. Have fun. Hope for you she'll come along. She won't though.

    • Okay so then what should I say, this is so hard.

  • Does she mention fishing on her FB? If not, better reconsider.